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供货能力: 电议 最低订购量: 1台
可销售总数量: 1000台 建议零销价: 5800元/台
发布日期: 2018-03-27 更新日期: 2020-11-12
品牌: 德国凯森KAYSEN品牌 适用范围: 水、污水、石油、化工、电子、饮料、食品
材质: 铸铁、不锈钢、铝合金、氟堕料 型号: KAYSEN
连接形式: 法兰 驱动方式: 电动
介质温度: 1200 ℃ 工作压差: 0
适用介质: 压力环境: 常压


German vertical multi-stage pipeline pump


Germany Kaysen Pumps China Distributor: Camper Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


German vertical multi-stage pipeline pump overview

Vertical pipeline pump is KAYSEN recently introduced a new series of pipeline pump products, it is the strengths of similar products in the world, the product uses a hydraulic model, can be directly inserted into the pump shaft without the shaft hole, novel and unique structure, spectral coverage Wide, in some occasions can replace the end suction centrifugal pump.



The vertical and horizontal installation of the pump can be used according to the requirements of the piping arrangement.

Easy to install and overhaul, no need to remove the pipe road system, as long as the pump body nut is removed to extract all the rotor components.

The string and parallel operation of the pump can be used according to the requirements of use, that is, the flow and head needs.

The pump is a vertical structure with the same inlet and outlet caliber and is located on the same center line. It can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. It has a compact and beautiful appearance, a small footprint, and a low construction investment. If a protective cover is added, the pump can be installed. For outdoor use.

The impeller is directly mounted on the extension shaft of the motor. The axial dimension is short and the structure is compact. The pump and the motor bearing are configured rationally, which can effectively balance the radial and axial loads generated by the pump operation, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the pump and low vibration. Low noise.

Shaft seal adopts mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination, adopts imported titanium alloy sealing ring, medium-sized high-temperature mechanical seal and adopts hard alloy material, wear-resistant seal, which can effectively prolong the service life of mechanical seal.




Novel structure

low noise

Energy efficient

Reliable sealing

strong and sturdy

Easy to maintain

Running smoothly

long life

Small vibration

Wide spectrum coverage



It is applicable to the fire protection of residential, hospitals, hotels, department stores, office buildings, etc. in high and low-rise buildings, circulation of living water supply and boiler units, circulation of cooling water, etc. The


Technical team




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        The Kaysen Pumps GmbH in Schw?bischGmünd, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluid centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps. For more than 60 years, Kaisen has achieved the highest standards of reliability and quality of "Made in Germany". With our comprehensive product portfolio, we support customers around the world to successfully grasp the harsh pumping tasks of water supply, mining, industry, chemical, paper, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, sewage and marine industries. As a leading provider of innovative technology in these areas, we are the perfect partner for liquids to be safe, efficient and economical to transport. ,
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