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品牌 德国凯森KAYSEN品牌
连接形式 法兰
材质 铸铁、不锈钢、铝合金、氟堕料
工作压差 0
适用范围 水、污水、石油、化工、电子、饮料、食品
压力环境 常压
介质温度 1000℃
驱动方式 电动


Germany imported sludge return pump


Germany Kaysen Pumps China Distributor: Camper Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

电话:021-51860957   8

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Kaysen Submersible Return Pumps Overview


The Kaysen submersible reflux pump is a new product developed in the production technology of submersible mixers. It is a professional equipment for secondary liquid reflux, denitrification and denitrification in secondary sewage treatment plants. It can also be used to pump purified water for irrigation on the ground. And control waterway systems, wastewater treatment process recirculation or slurry suction loops require micro-lift, large-flow sites. 







The host adopts stamping forming structure

Integrated lifting design enables quick installation under water

Improve operational reliability

Special design according to the mode of operation of micro head and large flow









采用*的 密封材料,两道机械密封,材质为炭化钨――炭化钨,采用轴承,所有紧固件均为不锈钢,可以使泵安全连续运行40000小时以上

Submersible return pump with small head, large flow, high efficiency

The factory product sets leakage protection, water leakage and motor overload protection and alarm devices to ensure the safety and reliability of factory products

The impeller has the best hydraulic design structure, the swept blade has self-cleaning function, anti-clogging, anti-winding

Compact structure, simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life

The main machine adopts casting or stainless steel pressure molding structure, small size, high density, corrosion resistance, no noise

Motor winding insulation class F, protection class IP68

Adopt the latest sealing material, two mechanical seals, made of tungsten carbide - tungsten carbide, using imported bearings, all fasteners are stainless steel, can make the pump safe and continuous operation more than 40,000 hours


潜水回流泵主要用于市政工程、污水处理环保工程等行业,可用于排送带固体颗粒及纤维的污水、回流污泥、废水。潜水回流泵为二级污水处理厂混合液回流、反硝化脱氮的 专用设备。

Submersible return pumps are mainly used in municipal engineering, sewage treatment and environmental protection projects and other industries. They can be used to discharge sewage, sludge, and wastewater with solid particles and fibers. The submersible reflux pump is a special equipment for refluxing and denitrifying denitrification of mixed liquor from secondary sewage treatment plants.


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Pumps are an indispensable element of your production process. Faulty pumps often result in reduced production capacity or even production downtime. Kason is a fast and efficient maintenance, repair and overhaul partner for almost all brands and types of pumps. Thanks to Kayson's machine diagnostics service, you can prevent production interruptions due to unforeseen machine downtime. Kaysen also provides 24-hour emergency pump support. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet all your needs.

Effective and regular maintenance is critical to the optimal operation of the pump. Preventive maintenance helps to ensure that you do not face sudden production downtime and related expenses. We perform machine diagnostic services to accurately determine the condition of your pump.


        The Kaysen Pumps GmbH in Schw?bischGmünd, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluid centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps. For more than 60 years, Kaisen has achieved the highest standards of reliability and quality of "Made in Germany". With our comprehensive product portfolio, we support customers around the world to successfully grasp the harsh pumping tasks of water supply, mining, industry, chemical, paper, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, sewage and marine industries. As a leading provider of innovative technology in these areas, we are the perfect partner for liquids to be safe, efficient and economical to transport. ,
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