进口氟塑料离心泵(进口离心泵10 )


进口氟塑料离心泵(进口离心泵10 ) KAYSEN凯森氟塑料离心泵概述: 氟料泵顾名思义就是内衬氟塑料的泵,按照其结构形式一般可分为:衬氟离心泵、衬氟磁力泵、衬氟自吸...

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用途 水、污水、化工液体等等
压力环境 常压
介质温度 250℃
驱动方式 磁力

进口氟塑料离心泵(进口离心泵10 )

氟料泵顾名思义就是内衬氟塑料的泵,按照其结构形式一般可分为:衬氟离心泵、衬氟磁力泵、衬氟自吸泵。 衬氟泵泵体采用先进的生产工艺以金属外壳紧衬氟塑料(F46、F4等)制造,泵的承重部分为金属材料具有机械强度高、耐压性强、抗机械冲击力优越等优点;主要过流部件叶轮、 泵盖等均采用金属嵌件外包氟塑料一次性高温模压而成。在-20℃~150℃温度条件下长期输送任意浓度的硫酸、盐酸、*、硝酸、王水、强碱、强氧化剂等强腐蚀介质而毫不受损。

(2)能经得起各种腐蚀介质的考验。在已使用过程的介质中,有溴、苯、甲醛、盐酸、盐酸盐、50%硫酸、12%NaSCN、HSCN、异丙醚、22%NaOH、氯苯水,对苯磺酸、99.5%氯气、95~90%叔丁基次氯酸盐、0.51%游离氯、11~12%氯丙醇水溶液(PH=2~3)、氯丙醇、氯丙酮BB一二氯异丙醚、二氯丙烷、 苯、次氯酸、CCL4等。
(3)在各种腐蚀性介质同时存在的情况下,即使160℃左右也可使用。例如,666氯化液中含有苯( )、次氯酸、盐酸等各种腐蚀介质,既有强有机溶剂,又有强的氧化性介质,还有强酸等,除F46,F4以外,难找到一种合适的材料能同时耐这些介质交替或同时腐蚀。

Germany  Kaysen imported fluorine plastic centrifugal pump overview:

Fluorine pumps, as the name implies, are pumps lined with fluoroplastics. According to their structural forms, they can be generally divided into: fluorine-lined centrifugal pumps, fluorine-lined magnetic pumps, and fluorine-lined self-priming pumps. The pump body of the lining fluorine pump adopts advanced production technology to manufacture the metal casing tightly lined with fluoroplastic (F46, F4, etc.). The load-bearing part of the pump has the advantages of high mechanical strength, strong pressure resistance and superior mechanical impact resistance. The main over-current component impeller and pump cover are all made of metal inserts and fluoroplastics for one-time high temperature molding. Long-term delivery of any concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, strong alkali, strong oxidant and other strong corrosive medium at -20 ° C ~ 150 ° C temperature without damage.

main feature:

Fluoroplastics represented by F4 have a series of excellent use characteristics, and the long-term use temperature is 160 °C. The low temperature resistance is still soft below -100 °C, and the corrosion resistance is resistant to aqua regia and all organic solvents.

A: At present, the domestic production of fluoroplastic type corrosion-resistant pumps (large pumps) such as: IHF fluoroplastic drive large magnetic pump lining material, FSB fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, FZB fluoroplastic self-priming pump and lining fluorine steel pipe, etc. It is a F46 pump with polyfluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP, F46 for short) and has excellent corrosion resistance and good rigidity. It can withstand impact, vibration and distortion. It has been widely used in petroleum and chemical industry. Corrosive liquids and gases. Can be used under the following conditions: temperature -80 ° C ~ +160 ° C, pressure ≤ 16 kg / cm 2, vacuum range (instantaneous, normal temperature) 400 mmHg column. In the course of its use, it shows its unique performance.

Examples of applications and benefits are as follows:

(1) The use performance and corrosion resistance are superior to phenolic cement, enamel products, lining glass products and stainless steel. Especially in the presence of strong oxidizing agents, the service life can be increased by one to several times compared with the above materials, in particular, they can withstand the osmotic corrosion of ether media.

(2) It can withstand the test of various corrosive media. In the medium used, there are bromine, benzene, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, hydrochloride, 50% sulfuric acid, 12% NaSCN, HSCN, diisopropyl ether, 22% NaOH, chlorobenzene water, p-benzenesulfonic acid, 99.5%. Chlorine, 95~90% t-butyl hypochlorite, 0.51% free chlorine, 11~12% chloropropanol aqueous solution (pH=2~3), chloropropanol, chloroacetone BB-dichloroisopropyl ether, two Chloropropane, benzene, hypochlorous acid, CCL4, etc.

(3) In the case where various corrosive media are present at the same time, it can be used even at around 160 °C. For example, 666 chlorinated solution contains various corrosive media such as benzene ( ), hypochlorous acid, hydrochloric acid, etc., including strong organic solvents, strong oxidizing media, and strong acid, except F46 and F4. It is difficult to find a suitable material that can withstand alternating or simultaneous corrosion of these media.

(4) There is obvious economic effect after use.

2. At present, domestically produced perfluoro(fluoroplastic alloy) type corrosion-resistant pumps (small pumps) such as: CQF fluoroplastic driven small magnetic pump, FSB fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, and other pump impellers and other materials used in the Chinese Academy of Sciences patents Material - Fluoroplastic alloy (F4 and F46 and a small amount of additives are mixed in a certain ratio).

Fluoroplastic alloys have unmatched corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, impact resistance, vibration resistance, distortion resistance and no toxin decomposition.

位于Schw?bischGmünd的凯森Kaysen泵业有限公司是*的各种流体水泵和隔膜泵制造商之一。60多年来,凯森以“制造”的可靠性和质量达到了*标准。凭借我们全面的产品组合,我们支持 各地的客户成功掌握供水,采矿,工业,化工,造纸,电力,食品,制药,污水和海上行业的苛刻抽水任务。作为上述领域创新技术的*供应商,我们是液体需要安全,高效和经济运输的*合作伙伴。
凯森始终坚持“重质量,讲信誉”为宗旨。产品现 全国各地,并已逐步开发海外市场。公司多次被评为“重合同讲信用”企业,深得用户的信赖和广泛的赞誉。

The Kaysen Pumps GmbH in Schw?bischGmünd, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluid centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps. For more than 60 years, Kaisen has achieved the highest standards of reliability and quality of "Made in Germany". With our comprehensive product portfolio, we support customers around the world to successfully grasp the harsh pumping tasks of water supply, mining, industry, chemical, paper, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, sewage and marine industries. As a leading provider of innovative technology in these areas, we are the perfect partner for liquids to be safe, efficient and economical to transport. ,
Germany Kaysen always adhere to the "quality, stresses credibility" for the purpose. Products are selling all over the country, and has gradually developed overseas markets. The company has repeatedly been rated as "the contract with the letter" business, won the trust of users and extensive praise.

进口氟塑料离心泵(进口离心泵 品牌)