进口罗茨风机(进口风机10 )

  • 品牌:德国KAYSEN
  • 更新日期:2022-12-30
品牌: 德国KAYSEN 连接形式: 法兰 材质: 不锈钢
型号: KAYSEN 工作压差: 0 适用范围: 水、污水、石油、化工、电子、饮料、食品
压力环境: 常压 介质温度: 1200℃ 驱动方式: 电动




Germany Kaysen imported Roots blower overview

The Roots blower has a medium load with a maximum air flow of 5,709 m3/h and a maximum power of 117 kW. The synchronous helical gear structure allows the fan to have lower noise and smooth operation. Heavy-duty metal bracket bearings allow the turbine to maintain superior performance and longer life under higher load conditions. The seal is mechanically sealed to ensure a better seal. This series of fans can be installed horizontally or vertically to meet different working conditions.

main feature:

The fan is designed with a piston ring seal to meet high speed requirements. The maximum speed can reach 3000 rpm. All shaft end faces that are in contact with the sealing surface are polished to reduce the wear on the sealing surface and reduce the risk of leakage. The linear design of the cycloidal impeller delivers higher pressure gas up to 1.05 bar(g). The gear materials are all heat-treated alloy steel, and the split gear design is easier to install and disassemble. In addition, the special housing design eliminates the need for water cooling even when delivering high pressure gas.

泵服务Pumps service

      我们的服务团队提供从单一来源 - 安装,调试,维护,维修,咨询,升级,培训,备件和优化泵的所有工作。Our service team offers everything from a single source - Installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, consulting, upgrades, training, spare parts and optimization of pumps. 

      一切从单一来源 我们长期的经验是您在现场调试,售后维护,维修,泵现代化和优化方面的优势。我们向您保证*的个人支持。 我们的服务团队为其他制造商的产品提供及时,专业和可靠的帮助。预订我们的服务套餐,您可以长期保证系统的*运行可靠性。我们会与您一起进行专家评估,从而创建透明度并根据您的需求制定*解决方案。在检查您的工厂后,我们确定其节约潜力并通过提高安装的泵的效率来实现它。另外,这个单独的解决方案降低了您的维护成本。您不必考虑人员,也不必考虑维护计划或实用程序。大会按照既定的时间表进行,并在我们训练有素的人员的协助下进行。 

      Everything from a single source Our long-standing experience is your advantage in commissioning on site, after-sales maintenance, repair, modernization and optimization of pumps. We guarantee you the best personal support. Our service team provides prompt, professional, and reliable assistance – also for other manufacturers’ products. Book our service package and you can be sure of the best operating reliability for your systems in the long term. We conduct an expert assessment together with you, thus creating transparency and making an optimum solution possible that is tailored to your needs. After examining your plant, we determine its savings potential and realize it by improving the efficiency of the pumps installed. Additionally, this individual solution lowers your maintenance costs. You do not have to think about personnel, nor about maintenance schedules or utilities. Assembly is conducted according to defined schedules and with assistance from our trained personnel. 

      我们的服务概述 · 供应原装备件 · 部署经过培训的人员 · 安装和启动 · 检查 · 维修,检修,维修 · 专家对早期故障检测进行机器评估 · 咨询和现代化 · 性能和振动测量 · 故障和损坏分析 · 可行性研究 · 泵和系统的能源咨询 · 制定维护计划 · 服务和维护协议 · 自动化和电力系统 · 电子设备 · 训练 

      An overview of our services · Supply of original spare parts · Deployment of trained personnel · Installation and start-up · Inspection · Repairs, overhauls, maintenance · Machine assessment by an expert for early fault detection · Consulting and modernization · Performance and vibration measurement · Fault and damage analyses · Feasibility studies · Energy consulting for pumps and systems · Preparation of maintenance schedules · Service and maintenance agreements · Automation and Electrical Power Systems · Electronic equipment · Training