齿轮油泵-油泵-KAYSEN泵业GERMANY KAYSEN PUMP CO .,LTD本系列齿轮泵主要有齿轮、轴、泵体、安全阀、轴端密封所组成。齿轮油泵适用于输送不含固体颗粒和纤维,无腐蚀性,温度不高于80℃,粘度为5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2...

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货号 KS5893569
用途 抽水、化工、制药、石油、冶金、染料、冶炼、电力、电镀、农药、造纸、食品、纺织等行业酸洗工艺、制酸制碱、喷漆工艺、有色金属冶炼中的电解液输送、离子膜项目中的氯水输送、废水处理、电镀、农药领域。
工作压差 0
压力环境 常压
介质温度 250℃
驱动方式 电动



本系列齿轮泵主要有齿轮、轴、泵体、安全阀、轴端密封所组成。齿轮油泵适用于输送不含固体颗粒和纤维,无腐蚀性,温度不高于80℃,粘度为5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s (5-00cSt)的润滑油或性质类似润滑油的其他液体。


















泵设有安全阀作为超载保护,安全阀的全回流压力为泵额定排除压力的1.5倍,也可在允许排出压力范围内根据实际需要另外调整。但注意本安全阀不能作减压阀的长期工作,需要时可在管路上另行安装。 从主轴外端向泵看,为顺时针旋转。





This series of gear pumps mainly consists of gears, shafts, pump bodies, safety valves and shaft end seals. Gear oil pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oil without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 80 ° C, viscosity of 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s (5-00cSt) or similar lubrication Other liquids of oil.

main feature:

1, the gear oil pump uses the specified voltage

The line voltage shall not exceed ±10% of the voltage specified on the pumping pump nameplate.

2. How to equip the gear pump

After unpacking, assemble according to the structural diagram and connect the motor

(1) and immediately connected to the motor

(2) Make the pump body and the motor integrated

(3) Connect the water wheel tube

3. Before using the gear oil pump, check that the external parts of the components are in good condition before they can be used.

4. The gear oil pump should not be operated at idle. When using, the pumping is completed, that is, the pump is stopped, otherwise the bearing of the impeller seal will be accelerated. It is also possible to wear the pump tube because the pump motor has a no-load speed of 10,000 rpm.

5. The gear oil pump will change the brush in time. When the brush is worn and will not be used, it must be replaced in time (2 brushes are exchanged at the same time). Otherwise, the brush and the commutator may cause bad damage and damage the commutator. The armature will be burned out.

6. The gear oil pump should not be used under the following conditions. If the insulation damage is found during the use, the power cable sheath is broken, the plug and socket are cracked or the contact is bad, and the operation is intermittent, and the motor casing is operated when there is a serious punishment for sparks. Repairs should be made immediately. Do not use until unrepaired.

7. The gear oil pump prevents overload. When it is used, when the speed is abnormal or reduced, it should be stopped to check if there is any debris stuck in the impeller or the motor is faulty. If the pump is braked, the power must be cut off immediately.

8, gear oil pump use tools to be cherished, all pumping pumps should be handled with care to avoid impact.

The main advantage:

●The gear has high hardness and strength after heat treatment, and it is installed in the replaceable bushing together with the shaft. Lubrication of all parts in the pump is automatically achieved with the output medium while the pump is operating.

●The pump has a well-designed oil drain and oil return groove, which is the smallest torque force that the gear can bear during work. Therefore, the bearing load is small, the wear is small, and the pump efficiency is high.

● The pump is equipped with a safety valve as overload protection. The full return pressure of the safety valve is 1.5 times the rated pressure of the pump. It can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the allowable discharge pressure range. However, note that this safety valve cannot be used for long-term work of the pressure reducing valve. It can be installed separately on the pipeline when needed. Seen from the outer end of the spindle to the pump, it rotates clockwise.

main application:

●Can be used as transmission and booster pump in oil transportation system

●Can be used as fuel pump for conveying, pressurizing and spraying in fuel system

●Can be used as lubricating oil pump in all industrial fields

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