• 品牌:德国KAYSEN
  • 货号:KS7005679
  • 更新日期:2020-11-12
外型尺寸: 货号: KS7005679 品牌: KAYSEN
用途: 抽水、化工、制药、石油、冶金、染料、冶炼、电力、电镀、农药、造纸、食品、纺织等行业酸洗工艺、制酸制碱、喷漆工艺、有色金属冶炼中的电解液输送、离子膜项目中的氯水输送、废水处理、电镀、农药领域。 型号: KAYSEN 工作压差: 0
压力环境: 常压 介质温度: 250℃ 驱动方式: 电动





能够与 CPT ANSI B73.1 化工泵互换外壳和叶轮







The submerged pump is a positive pressure conveying vertical pump, which can effectively solve the problem of air resistance and cavitation. The explosion-proof grade of the transported material determines that the submerged pump product has different structure, working principle, classification, scope of application, product advantages and disadvantages, and operation mode. It can be easily divided into traditional submerged pump (explosion-proof zone 1 outside the tank, zone 0 in the tank) There is two categories of non-explosion-proof pumps and new submerged pumps (explosion-proof in Zone 1 outside the tank and explosion-proof in Zone 0 in tanks).

main feature:

● Ability to interchange housing and impeller with CPT ANSI B73.1 chemical pump

● Ductile iron or duplex stainless steel shell with duplex stainless steel impeller, long service life

● Heavy-duty bearings of various materials for improved corrosion resistance and high torque capacity

●Provide various liquid level switches, liquid level sensors and other instruments


main application:

Widely used in industrial systems such as oilfield, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, nuclear power, metallurgy, food, textile, medicine and refrigeration, conveying flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive media without solid particles. It is not allowed to seal contaminated media, and it is not suitable to transport media containing ferromagnetic substances.

Submerged pump troubleshooting and precautions:

When the submerged pump is in use, it often encounters some faults. The following describes several common faults, and provides treatment methods and preventive measures:

Fault phenomenon:

(1) The submerged pump operates normally without water.

(2) The submerged pump operates with abnormal sound.

Cause Analysis:

(1) There is debris in the suction port of the pump to block the normal operation of the submerged pump.

(2) After the pump is overhauled, the motor wiring is reversed.

(3) The pump bearing and bushing are seriously worn, causing displacement of the submerged pump impeller and friction with the pump casing.


(1) Clean up the inlet debris of the submerged pump.

(2) Reconnect the power line phase by contacting the electric heater.

(3) Disassemble the submerged pump, replace the bearing and the bushing to ensure sufficient clearance between the pump impeller and the housing.


(1) Strengthen the inspection and deal with problems in a timely manner.

(2) Improve the maintenance process training of employees and strictly control the quality.



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