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  • 更新日期:2020-11-12
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用途: 抽油等粘度介质 型号: KAYSEN 工作压差: 0
压力环境: 常压 介质温度: 250℃ 驱动方式: 电动
适用介质: 油品




Germany Kaysen Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diaphragm pumps integrating R&D, sales and service. The main products are pneumatic diaphragm pump series and electric diaphragm pump series, which are cost-effective and stable in quality. They are widely used in the fields of chemical industry, environmental protection, oil field, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, papermaking, electricity, printing and dyeing.

齿轮泵核心优势core advantages





The most basic form of a gear pump is that two gears of the same size mesh and rotate with each other in a close-fitting shell. The inside of the shell is similar to the "8" shape. Two gears are installed inside. The body fits closely. The material from the extruder enters the middle of the two gears at the suction port, and fills this space, moves along the housing with the rotation of the teeth, and is finally discharged when the two teeth mesh.

Gear pumps are also called positive displacement devices. Positive displacement pumps are like a piston in a cylinder. When one tooth enters the fluid space of another tooth, the liquid is mechanically squeezed out. Because the liquid is incompressible, the liquid and the tooth cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so that the liquid is eliminated. Due to the continuous meshing of the teeth, this phenomenon occurs continuously, so a continuous discharge amount is provided at the outlet of the pump, and the discharge amount is the same for each revolution. With the uninterrupted rotation of the drive shaft, the fluid is continuously discharged. The flow of the gear pump is directly related to the speed.

For fluids whose viscosity or density changes during the process, this pump will not be affected too much. If there is a damper, such as a strainer or a restrictor on the discharge port side, the pump will push fluid through them. If this damper changes during operation, that is, if the filter screen becomes dirty, clogged, or the back pressure of the limiter increases, the pump will maintain a constant flow rate until the mechanical limit of the weakest component in the device is reached (Usually equipped with a torque limiter).

There is actually a limit to the speed of a pump, which mainly depends on the process fluid. If the oil is conveyed, the pump can rotate at a high speed, but when the fluid is a high-viscosity polymer melt In the physical, this restriction will be greatly reduced.




Why is Kaysen gear pump so versatile?

They are made of a variety of pump materials, including cast iron, stainless steel


水/废水→Water/waste water



The source of your wastewater treatment services and equipment

We have a water and wastewater team to understand and improve the reliability of equipment in the facility.

一般工业→General industry




The equipment you need from an expert you can trust

Provide fluid technology and expertise to reduce your operating costs, increase efficiency and help achieve your performance goals.

For more than 60 years, we have been helping people in the general industry to solve their most difficult challenges in fluid technology. Read through some of our success stories and learn about us* helping companies like you increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

制浆造纸→Pulp and Paper



Serving the pulp and paper industry for more than 60 years

Rich experience to help reduce operating costs and increase plant efficiency. Talk to experienced engineers in the pulp and paper process and start today.




Each beverage sector faces unique challenges. Hygiene, process efficiency, wastewater treatment and equipment reliability are just some of the challenges faced by beverage manufacturers today.

Proficient in fluid technology expertise can help you reduce operating costs and improve facility efficiency. Talk to the engineer immediately.




Fluid handling system exceeds performance requirements

Thin, thick, volatile or harmful chemicals? We can help you find the best way to meet your production and performance needs. We will help ensure that the fluid system solution you install will reduce operating costs by increasing production efficiency, extending equipment life and reducing energy consumption.




Rugged equipment to meet your needs

Biofuel production requires fluid technology, which can meet demanding service requirements and operate around the clock. Kaysen brings together some of the best fluid technology brands for biofuel producers to improve reliability and reduce total cost of ownership.

乳制品→Dairy products



You need technology to safely handle dairy products

Cleanliness and hygiene are the cornerstones of dairy processing. Kaysen not only provides dairy processing equipment and systems for your dairy factory, we also provide corrosion-resistant floor coatings that make the floor easier to clean and protect the concrete from corrosion.




From food production and packaging to wastewater treatment, we can meet your sanitary requirements and also achieve your performance goals.

Just a phone call can save energy, increase reliability and increase efficiency. Talk to us and start.

发电→Power generation




Equipment and expertise to meet and exceed your performance goals

The demand for electricity is endless. Neither do we. We provide highly reliable pumps, valves, filters, mechanical seals and controls that are essential for heating or processing electricity and steam.

Relying on Kaysen can improve production efficiency, extend equipment life cycle and reduce energy consumption, thereby helping to reduce operating costs.




For medicines, it needs to be much cleaner

We understand that it needs more than just cleaning. Pharmaceutical production requires a high level of care, records and precision. The Crane Engineering Department provides a comprehensive product line of pumps, seals, valves, CIP systems, etc. to help you exceed performance goals.